forsitis is a company specialized in optimizing the purchasing function and supply chain. We help drive purchasing towards the strategic function of the company. As a purchasing consultancy, we are experts in sourcing and supply chain management.

Some areas in which we can help you

Expend Analysis and control

We help you identify expense categories, their volume, number of suppliers and perform an evaluation of their possible optimization.

Knowing the impact of our spending is essential to make decisions aligned with our strategy.


Technology is key to be efficient in all tasks related to procurement. As purchasing experts, we apply technological tools within the purchasing function to eliminate routine or repetitive tasks that provide little or no value. These actions free buyers to focus on core tasks or those of greater value to the company.

Optimization and cost savings

An efficient purchasing process guarantees the company savings in time and money, which we can devote to other activities of the company.

At Forsitis we carry out purchasing efficiency projects, optimizing supplier volume, negotiating better prices and contract conditions.

Buyer Training

We carry out training programs for both newly created teams and buyers with previous experience. The way of purchasing, strategies, technology and methodology is evolving, so we share our experience and knowledge with our clients to help them improve all their processes.

Risk Management

We start by identifying risks and conducting a risk assessment to determine their impact on our organization.

New purchasing strategies

We implement methodology and new ways of acting in purchasing, in the most efficient and sustainable way over time.

Supplier Homologation

We help to homologate suppliers. Both current and potential, to reduce risk and assess their adaptability to our company and business model.

Outsourcing of the purchasing function

We support our clients as an external purchasing team. We outsource both small projects and the integral function of the department.

We are specialists in many projects from logistics, maintenance, security, packaging, furniture, office supplies…

Effective consulting, operational results with common sense

We are a realistic, operative and flexible purchasing consultancy that adapts to all types of companies and sectors to always achieve the best results.

We do not sell unattainable or unsustainable projects in the long term. We always apply our common sense to be efficient and drive the purchasing area towards a strategic function within the company.

Consultoria de compras
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¿What is a procurement Consulting?

A purchasing consultancy is a great external ally that helps to optimize all categories of spending within your company. Implementing efficient and sustainable methodology over time. A company like forsitis combines purchasing consulting services, with technology and a wide experience in the sector, to drive its clients towards the achievement of objectives.

The Know How acquired through experience in various clients and sectors gives purchasing professionals a global vision of the company. This vision allows the application of Benchmarking to achieve the best results.


It is logical to think that in order to obtain higher profits in our company we must be able to increase our income and therefore sell more. The truth is that optimizing our purchases, being more efficient and reducing costs allows us to obtain faster results and in most cases at 0 cost.
When we talk about reducing costs, we are referring to applying efficiency and buying those goods or services that our company needs for its correct and optimal operation. Buying better implies knowing our needs well and looking for alternatives that adapt to what our business model demands.

Ahorrar costes
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The role of purchasing in the company has evolved to become a key pillar in today’s organizations. A department that must be clearly linked to the company’s strategy in order to mitigate risks, create competitive advantages and grow as a company.
More and more organizations are focusing on procurement in the same way as they do on the sales function. Particularly in seasons when sales are slowing or it is difficult to continue to grow in volume, costs become very important as a key factor in increasing the company’s profits.


Lo lógico es pensar que para obtener mayores beneficios en nuestra empresa debemos ser capaces de aumentar nuestros ingresos y por tanto vender más. Lo cierto es que optimizar nuestras compras, siendo más eficientes y abaratando costes nos permite obtener resultados más rápidos y en la mayoría de los casos a coste 0.
Cuando hablamos de reducir gastos, nos referimos a aplicar eficiencia y comprar aquellos bienes o servicios que necesite nuestra empresa para su correcto y óptimo funcionamiento. Comprar mejor implica conocer bien nuestras necesidades y buscar las alternativas que se adapten a lo que demanda nuestro modelo de negocio.

When you do not have the means, resources or time to execute this type of project, the best solution is to outsource to an expert team. In this case to a purchasing consultancy. The experience, know-how and benchmarking provided by a purchasing consultancy are differential factors, which in many cases represent a competitive advantage over our competitors.

A company specialized in purchasing enhances cost savings and optimization. Making your organization much more efficient and controlled. Saving on costs means spending less and having greater liquidity. This cash directly impacts EBITDA.

The experience of an expert buyer contacting and negotiating with suppliers is a differential factor when it comes to finding the best offers. Offers adapted to our needs and budget. Finding the best offers for our business tends to mean, on the one hand, money savings and on the other hand, better conditions for our company.

La importancia de apoyarse en una consultora de compras
consultoria de compras en forsitis


En Forsitis somos expertos en el área de compras. Nuestros más de 14 años de experiencia en el sector y más de 700 proyectos de eficiencia en compras nos avalan. 

Reconocida como una de las 5 mejores consultoras de compras en España según Procure Tech Map 2021.